Big Bowl Vote

       40% of youth exposure to alcohol advertising on television comes from ads placed
on youth-oriented programming." (Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth)

The NFL Super Bowl is known for its commercials as much as it is for the game itself. Of its wide viewing audience, about 18% will be youth under 21. If your child (or student) is one them, he or she will be exposed to alcohol advertising. Studies show that when youth are exposed to more alcohol advertisements, they are more likely to drink alcohol while underage.

Nearly 10,000 middle and high-school students in 20 states participated in Drug Free Action Alliance's Big Bowl Vote, which once again revealed the youth appeal of alcohol advertising as beer commercials ranked among the top four "most memorable" commercials. 

In our quest to further research the impact of alcohol advertising on youth and to help
young people learn to decode advertising messages, we invite you to
participate in BIG BOWL VOTE 2017.

Through a simple, three-question, student questionnaire given Monday morning
following the Super Bowl, middle and high school students share their thoughts on
what advertisements they remember seeing and which commercial takes their top
vote. This information is then collected, summarized and shared. This valuable, fresh
and local information can then be used to educate parents, students, lawmakers and the media about the effects of alcohol advertising on youth.

This BIG BOWL VOTE PLAYBOOK includes everything you’ll need to quickly and easily implement your local student questionnaire, get the media literacy discussion started and much more!

Download the 2017 Big Bowl Vote Playbook

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