Butler County Coalition

Butler County Coalition for Healthy, Safe, and Drug-Free Communities

In an effort to promote safe prom and graduation seasons for local youth, the Butler County Coalition for Healthy, Safe, and Drug-Free Communities teamed up with Little Chicago Productions to produce a lip dub video to Katy Perry's song, "Firework". Local high school students representing the J. Kyle Braid Foundation were the stars of the video; where they are featured lip syncing, dancing, tumbling and holding signs encouraging their peers to have a game plan to stay safe. They also remind parents that they have a lot to lose if they host prom and graduation parties and provide alcohol to minors.

J'aime Murray, Hamilton High Junior, was excited to be in the video and she said, "This is supposed to be an exciting time of the year. You don't want to come to school on Monday after prom (or graduation) and hear something bad happened to a friend. Negative consequences from alcohol and other drug abuse affects everyone."

"We hope to spread the safe and drug free prom and graduation season message as far as we can through popular social media channels," said Karen Murray, Butler County Coalition Director. Murray said the students have posted the lib dub on their Facebook accounts as well YouTube and are encouraging friends and family to view it and forward it on.

Click here to view the lib dub on YouTube.