Drug prevention is a critical component to ensuring the academic success of our youth. If the challenges in student’s learning environments, particularly substance use, are not addressed, then our youth will not be able to maximize their academic potential.

- Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America


Know! Who We Are

The Know! drug prevention and awareness program targets parents and caregivers of middle school students and empowers them to raise their children substance-free.

Know! What We Do

Primary Goals and Objectives:

  • To increase parental awareness that their children are at risk;
  • To reinforce the knowledge that parental actions make a difference;
  • To enhance and increase communication between parents and their children about substance use; and
  • To empower parents with simple and effective parenting strategies proven to prevent substance use.

The Truth Is: Kids are drinking, smoking, and using drugs.

The Truth Is: Our kids. Your kids. In every community and neighborhood - urban, suburban and rural. They are using substances right now, and they're starting younger than ever, especially between the ages of 11 and 13.

The Truth Is: Kids need to Know! the risks of substance use - to their health, their safety, their family, and their future.

The Truth Is: Kids may not ask for guidance, but they need it. They want it. Your guidance can and will make a difference.

This section has the information parents and caregivers need to help children learn the risks of using substances and the benefits of staying substance-free. You don't need to be an expert to Help Them Know!