Know! Parent Tip Archive

2017 Know! Parents Tips

April 24          Know! To Arm Them with Education, Motivation, Expectations and the X-Plan
April 10          Know! April is Alcohol Awareness Month
March 27        Know! To Secure, Monitor and Dispose
March 13        Know! To Stop, Drop and Breathe
February 27    Know! What a Healthy Dating Relationship Is, and What It Is Not
February 13    Know! the Not-So-Innocent Side of Teen Romance
January 23     Know! if You Have a Smartphone Addiction
January 9       Know! to Get YOUR Cell Phone Use in Check

2016 Know! Parent Tips

December 26  Know! To Even the Playing Field for Your Child
December 12  Know! To Interact with Tact – Smartphone Tips
November 23  Know! Positive Relationships Build Character
November 14  Know! To Recognize and Support Military Families
October 24      Know! To Recognize & Respond to Bullying
October 10      Know! Social Anxiety Increases Substance Abuse Risk
September 26 Know! Family Support for Prevention
September 12 Know! To Use Your Senses for Optimal Sleep
August 29      Know! To Send Them To Bed
August 15      Know! The Big Sibling Effect!
July 18           Know! E-Cigs, Vape Pens and Throat Hits – Oh My!
July 4            Know! Summer Freedom and its CHALLENGES!!!
June 20          Know! To Bust Summer Boredom
June 6            Know! To Talk Teen Stranger Danger
May 23            Know! The Warning Signs of Suicide
May 9             Know! To Gain Understanding About Suicide 
April 25          Know! Your Parenting Style Matters
April 11       Know! Youth's #1 Drug of Choice
March 21        Know! Doing Good is Good for Them
March 7          Know! To Prevent Huffing, Sniffing & Bagging
February 22    Know! Take a Bite out of Eating Disorders
February 8      Know! What in the World is DABBIN’
January 28     Know! To Practice Kindness
January 11     Know! January 25-31 is National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week