Know! Pharming Doesn't Always Involve Farmers

Ask an average adult and an average teen about "pharming" (pronounced "farming"), and you will likely get two very different answers. Unfortunately adults, we're not talking hay fields and tractors.  Your teen is more likely to get it right; we're talking prescription drug abuse.  "Pharming" comes from the word pharmaceutical, and refers to getting high on prescription drugs; a dangerous and growing trend involving one in five teens.
As we all know, youth culture includes a language all their own. And while we, as adults, should not attempt to speak their language, we better be able to interpret it, in order to help protect them.

According to The Partnership at, other popular slang terms surrounding prescription drugs include:
  • Big Boys, Cotton, Kicker: pain relievers.
  • Chill Pills, French Fries, Tranqs: sedatives and tranquilizers.
  • Pharm Parties: guests are asked to bring prescription drugs from home to toss into the community bowl and then invited to grab a handful. 
  • Pilz: general term to describe over-the-counter and prescription medications.
  • Recipe: prescription drugs mixed with alcoholic or other beverages.
  • Trail Mix: mixture of prescription drugs, served in a big bowl at a pharm party.
What can parents do to prevent their prescription medications from ending up in the trail mix
  1. Secure: Lock up all medications inside your home.
  2. Monitor: Keep track of your prescription and over-the-counter drugs.
  3. Dispose: Safely rid your home of expired and unused medications.
And above all, talk to your children about the dangers of medication abuse. You cannot physically be with your children every moment of every day, but you can be that little voice inside their head that helps them make the right decision.  

For more information on prescription drug abuse, visit: Not In My House.
For information on safe drug disposal, visit: FDA: How to dispose of unused medicines.