Make Sure Father Know!s Best

This Father’s Day we want to give dads the gift that will keep on giving. That is, we want to help you become the best father you can be to your children. A child whose father is actively and positively engaged in his/her everyday world is much more likely to lead a happy, healthy, productive life, free from substance abuse.

According to the National Fatherhood Initiative, among the greatest things you can do for your children:

Respect Your Children’s Mother (whether or not the two of you are together): This will allow your children to feel more accepted and respected as well.

Spend Time With Your Children: Your priorities are seen by the way your time is spent. Let your children know they are your priority.

TALK Early and Often: When you tell your children you want to talk to them, do they cringe because it means they’re in trouble? Dads should be talking regularly with kids about the good stuff too. 

Discipline with Love: Be clear in setting your family rules/consequences and be consistent in your follow through. Expect and reward desirable behavior, but be prepared for a rule or two to be broken. When it happens, remain calm and stick to your game plan.

Be a Positive Role Model: As the first male figure in her life, a father has the unique opportunity to show his daughter that she is valued, loved and that she deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. A father also has the unique opportunity to show his son how to be a “good man,” through honesty, integrity, humility and responsibility.

Be a Teacher: Teach your children what is right and wrong and always encourage them to strive for their personal best. Again, your own actions will speak volumes to your children.

Show Affection: Tell your children you love them and wrap your arms around them each and every day. A father’s affection equates to children feeling wanted, accepted and loved.

KNOW! that a Father’s Job is Never Done: Even as adults, children look to their fathers for wisdom and advice. Use the opportunity when your children are young to build and strengthen a relationship that will last a lifetime.

This Father’s Day we celebrate and appreciate the many fathers and father-figures who are positively influencing, actively encouraging and unconditionally loving and supporting their children and families. The significance of all fathers is immense. The impact of a good and loving father is immeasurable.

Happy Father’s Day!