May eNews 2013


Drug Free Action Alliance is offering a variety of educational and training opportunities throughout the summer. We encourage you to check back to our online calendar often for updates on what’s happening in and around your community! 

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Problem Gambling Prevention Trainings

Drug Free Action Alliance, with funding provided by the Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services, is hosting Problem Gambling Prevention trainings across Ohio throughout June. 
Due to popular demand for this training, a sixth location has been added. Seating is still limited, so register today!
Cost: $10 per person
Lunch: Provided
RCHs & CEUs: 6.0 will be provided
Audience: Prevention & treatment providers, ADAMH Boards, School Administrators
Training Objectives Include:
1)  Examining the relationship of problem gambling and substance abuse
2)  Understanding Ohio's gambling trends
3)  Identifying strategies for communities to combat problem gambling
Seating is limited and registration is required. For additional information and to register, please select the link from the dates below.

June 5, 2013
The Mental Health and Recovery Services Board
Cincinnati, Ohio
June 18, 2013
Mercy Health & Recreation Center
Amherst, Ohio
June 19, 2013
Interval Brotherhood Home
Akron, Ohio
June 20, 2013
Wood County Educational Service Center
Bowling Green, Ohio
June 26, 2013
State Library of Ohio
Columbus, Ohio
June 27, 2013
Pritchard Laughlin Civic Center
Cambridge, Ohio

For questions regarding these trainings, please contact Derek Longmeier at



From Theory to Practice - Two-Part Webinar Series

Featuring Michael Sparks, national expert on environmental prevention & policy

Part I: June 7 from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Understanding Environmental Strategies to Prevent Alcohol and Other Drug Problems:
This webinar provides an overview of the environmental approach to alcohol and other drug problems. Through the presentation, polls and discussion, participants will gain an understanding of the principles and core elements of the environmental approach and will explore strategies that may be relevant to addressing their local community issues. The webinar discusses promising environmental strategies focused on illicit drug problems, which are less understood and researched than those strategies designed to address alcohol. Emphasis is placed on exploring strategies that impact community systems.

Part II: June 28 from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Addressing Specific Challenges associated  with Implementing Environmental Strategies:
This webinar focuses on the challenges associated with developing and adopting environmental strategies. Based on issues surfaced in Webinar #1 and through DFAA, participants will have the opportunity to discuss challenges associated with their current or planned efforts. The presenter will use a “coaching” format to discuss with participants the identified issues common to the coalitions on the webinar.

To register click here.

Meet Michael Sparks:
He is an alcohol policy specialist and the president of SparksInitiatives. His primary interest is working with communities to use policy to reduce alcohol-related problems. Prior to starting SparksInitiatives he served as the policy director for the Center for Community Action and Training and was the first executive director and one of four founders of the Marin Institute for the prevention of alcohol and other drug problems in 1987. Mr. Sparks currently serves as a consultant and trainer to communities across the country. He also works in a consulting role with Wake Forest University and Johns Hopkins University on alcohol policy issues. He is also consulting with the American Legacy Foundation to implement a model tobacco control program into Head Start agencies in over 12 states. He has expertise in the alcohol policy field as well as in the areas of community building, using local control strategies to manage problematic alcohol and drug environments, the legislative process and neighborhood revitalization. He has provided training in the areas of community organizing, alcohol policy, using the legislative process to reduce alcohol and other drug problems, neighborhood revitalization and leadership development.

This webinar series will help coalitions to identify and resolve barriers faced at the local level, and will include customized coaching from this leading national expert!

Statewide Prevention Coalition Association (SPCA) Meeting
June 18th, 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
State Library (274 East 1st Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43201)

This meeting will include a presentation by Donna Conley from Ohio Citizen Advocates about how coalitions can work with the recovery community. Attendees  will also engage in an activity designed by Michael Sparks, the presenter for DFAA’s June Webinar Series, to help surface and discuss barriers to implementing effective environmental strategies addressing the 4 P’s: Place – Price – Product – Promotion. Participants will also be invited to share community updates and engage in excellent networking and dialogue.

While participation in the June Webinar series is not required for participation in the June SPCA meeting, it will enrich attendees experience and contribute to more in-depth discussion.

To register for the June SPCA meeting, click here.



WE ARE THE MAJORITY Conference & Statehouse Rally

On May 2nd, more than 1,000 young people from around the State rallied at the Ohio Statehouse to bring awareness that the majority of youth are alcohol and drug-free. 

The event was coordinated by the Ohio Youth-Led Prevention Network (OYLPN), after learning that far too many of their peers believed that “everyone” was drinking alcohol or using other drugs. OYLPN members wanted youth across the state to know that 62% of young people in eighth through twelfth grade do not use alcohol, 79% do not smoke cigarettes and 79% do not misuse prescription medications (2011 Youth Risk Behavior Study). OYLPN hopes this message will evoke courage in other youth to remain substance -free.

“Too many times, we see negative stories and negative accounts of teen substance use and abuse,” said Marcie Seidel, Executive Director of Drug Free Action Alliance. “This event confirmed to everyone that the majority of young people are substance -free and that the future of our communities certainly remains in strong, capable and drug-free hands.”

Drug Free Action Alliance wishes to both thank and congratulate the many youth who proudly stood together and made their voices heard loud and clear at the Statehouse. You are the majority and you are an inspiration to all!

For more information on the OYLPN, visit


DFAA Online Rx Drug Abuse Prevention Resource:  Through The Medicine Cabinet 


"The abuse and misuse of prescription drugs [is  second only to marijuana use as the nation's most prevalent drug problem." - Dr. Ken Hale, R.Ph., Ph.D., Assistant Dean for Professional and External Affairs at The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy

Prescription drug abuse among teenagers and young adults is trending at an alarming rate. A prevalence of misinformation about prescription drugs - along with their startling availability - is one of the primary reasons that this epidemic continues to spread.

Drug Free Action Alliance, with support from The Cardinal Health Foundation, has created an online resource page filled with Facts & Toolkits, Downloads and More – all related to preventing Rx drug abuse, whether in your house, in your school, or elsewhere in your community. You’ll find the latest from Generation Rx and other initiatives. This site is an excellent way to familiarize yourself and others with the nature of prescription drugs as well as the consequences of their use.

Click here to visit the ‘Through The Medicine Cabinet’ online resource page.


Know! May 31st is World NO Tobacco Day

Did you KNOW! tobacco is the number one cause of preventable death in our country?  One out of every five fatalities could be prevented simply by not using tobacco. Yet 19% of adults and 18% of high school youth are regular tobacco smokers. And every single day in the U.S. another 3,500 children give cigarettes a try for the first time.

While most adults and youth are aware of the dangers of smoking, far too many choose not to heed the health warnings. The majority of adult smokers report picking up the tobacco habit as a teen. With that in mind parents, this is our opportunity to do all we can to prevent our children from taking that first puff.

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Ohio Cannabis Rights Amendment Language Approved
by Ohio Attorney General - Next Step is Ohio Ballot Board

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine approved language for the Ohio Cannabis Rights Amendment to be forwarded to the Ohio Ballot Board for their approval. If/when the Ohio Ballot Board approves the amendment, then the Ohio Cannabis Rights Group will be able to collect signatures for presumably the 2014 ballot. This does not mean that the Attorney General approves of the language, but only can certify whether the Summary of the Amendment is a fair and truthful statement of the amendment. The Ohio Ballot Board can only certify that it is only one amendment within the language. For an understanding of the Citizen-Initiative Constitutional Amendment process, please click here.

We have put out a document that lists some of our concerns with the Ohio Cannabis Rights Amendment and encourage you to start sharing these concerns with community leaders, law enforcement, employers, school officials and the general public about the troubling language in this amendment. Please click here for language concerns.

We would also like to reiterate that any education you share on this ballot initiative is not lobbying, since it is not an active ballot amendment. This is an opportunity to advocate about the potential community dangers of this amendment and marijuana in general.

Contact Assistant Director Tony Coder at with questions.


If you work with students on college campuses – this training is for you!

Ohio College Initiative Regional Meetings:

June 7 at Ursuline College:
10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. at the Mullen Academic Center, Haesley Board
Click here to register now!

June 18 at Bowling Green State University:
10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. at the Perry Field House, Room 136
Click here to register now!

Cost = $12 for boxed lunch

Did You Know?

  • Use of synthetic marijuana is alarmingly high. In fact, more than 11% of high school seniors have used these drugs in the past year. These students are soon heading to your campus!
  • According to the American Association of Poison Control Centers, the number of calls related to bath salt exposure received by the poison control centers has increased by more than 20 times in 2011 from 2010. What is your campus doing to address this issue?
  • Event-specific ritualistic alcohol consumption is also on the rise! What is your campus culture?

Join DFAA for an Ohio College Initiative Regional Meeting to address:

  • Event-Specific Prevention, Ritualistic Consumption on Holidays/Special Events
  • Synthetic Drugs and Their Impact on Campuses and Communities
  • Discussion with the Drug Enforcement Administration
  • Networking, Discussion, What's Happening on Your Campus

For more information, visit DFAA’s events calendar at



Capital City Half Marathoners - Pounding the Pavement for Prevention

In an effort to raise awareness for prescription drug abuse prevention, DFAA/Generation RX Team Leader Shelby Corbin (From left to right: James Corbin, Jacob Thorpe, Steve Graver, Kathy Rodriguez, Kevin VerHoef, Jordyn Hornyak, Shelby, & Denise Johnson), led folks in Pounding the Pavement for Prevention as part of the Capital City Half Marathon in downtown Columbus on Saturday, May 4th.

Shelby Corbin, who is a third-year Bachelor of Science Pharmaceutical Sciences (BSPS) student at The Ohio State University, completed the grueling 13.1 mile run and is planning for more. She said she is looking to build an even bigger team to run for prevention next year.

Drug Free Action Alliance wishes to recognize Shelby’s passion for prevention and share our sincerest thanks to her for taking on this project! We are also looking forward to 2014!

To learn more about Generation Rx, visit:


The Statewide Prevention Coalition Association Begins Reorganization and Rebuilding!

On May 23, 2013, the Statewide Prevention Coalition Association met at Sharon Woods Spring Hollow Lodge in Westerville, Ohio where the membership began a "spring cleaning" discussion of challenges faced in the last couple years in prevention.  Midge Roberts, Holmes County Prevention Coalition, who is temporarily remaining as chairperson, led the meeting. Allison Sharer and Malaika Stubbs Wilson started off the meeting with an explanation of "What is a coalition?"

Emilie Brown, Drug Free Action Alliance, was introduced as the new coordinator of the Statewide Prevention Coalition Association. Brown said "The cleaning water is being thrown out and we will begin fresh today!" 

At the end of the day, an attendee stated: "It’s exciting to have the opportunity to build upon the already solid foundation that is SPCA. I felt from the group a strong energy and think that the upcoming year will bring nothing but positive change. Excited!"

If you are interested in rolling up your sleeves and helping the rebuilding and reorganization, we are looking for new representatives to serve on the Advisory Council.  Fill out the attached document and send it to Emilie by email or fax (614-540-9990) by June 7, 2013.

The membership form will soon be available on the Statewide Prevention Coalition Association webpage. The first of six meetings in the new year will be July 16 at the Worthington Northwest Library beginning at 10 am. Registration to attend can be done on the website calendar.  Mark your calendar now and plan to attend!