Know! is a collaborative effort of Drug Free Action Alliance and The United Way of Central Ohio. Know! is an important resource for parents, prevention agencies, community leaders, coalitions, businesses and educators who share the goal of preventing and reducing the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

Receiving Know! has helped us have healthier, back-and-forth conversations about alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. They aren't lengthy conversations, but they are effective.


KNOW! Why - KNOW! How - KNOW! We’re Here for You!

If you aren’t talking to your kids about alcohol and other drugs, you can bet someone else is. Parents are their child’s most trusted source and have the power to be their child’s greatest influence. Start talking and keep the conversation going to keep your children substance-free.

How Do I Get Involved?

Pledge to Support Children's Positive, Healthy, Substance-Free Choices.

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Know! Seeks to Increase Parental Awareness, Knowledge and Conversations to Prevent Substance Abuse Among Youth.

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Other parents can benefit from the knowledge gained through the Know! Parent Tips. Feel free to forward on to co-workers, family and friends. The more who receive these prevention messages, the better!