problem gamblingProblem gambling is a growing concern in the United States – one that can have far-reaching consequences on both young people and adults. While going to a casino or playing the lottery does not present issues for most people, it is an unfortunate reality that some people do develop gambling problems as a result of these behaviors.

Consequently, SMART BET presents itself as an online portal that offers guidance, support, and information to help both young people and adults gamble responsibly.

SMART BET Primary Goals and Objectives

  • To increase awareness of the risks of gambling and of the best methods with which to gamble sensibly;
  • To reinforce the knowledge that with regards to gambling, a little planning goes a long way towards safety and precaution;
  • To enhance and increase community and family communication about problem gambling and its prevention;
  • To empower both young people and adults with simple and effective strategies to avoid outcomes that lead to problem gambling.
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