What is The G.A.P. Network

Can our work against addiction improve the lives of Ohioans?  Yes, of course it can.  Is it easy?  No, but it's worth it.  It is a fight for the future of our children and our state.
     - Governor John Kasich - 2014 State of the State Speech

What is the G.A.P. Network?

Moving from Grief to Action for Prevention
        ...supporting individuals, providing a voice for families, mobilizing communities. 

The G.A.P. Network of advocacy groups and individuals formed in response to a public outcry against prescription medication abuse and the heroin epidemic. Our members are family engagement advocacy groups and individuals who provide a voice for the thousands of Ohio individuals and families impacted by substance use - especially the heroin/opiate epidemic.

The G.A.P. Network can provide information, education, advocacy, networking, training and support to make your local efforts more effective.

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The benefits of registering in the G.A.P. Network include:
  • Helping people in your community connect to local meetings
  • Access to local and statewide trainings
  • G.A.P. Network newsletters
  • Email notifications of relevant state legislation
  • Technical assistance including:
    • Launching a group
    • Marketing/promotion ideas
    • Presentation templates
    • Fact sheets
    • Press release templates
There is no cost to register; registering helps us stay in touch with you. To register for the G.A.P. Network click here for the registration form.